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How many "Round Tuits" have you collected? - many jobs in the church are just waiting for someone who does have one of these!

"I’ll attend church more frequently when I get a round tuit", people say. "I’ll definitely clean up the church grounds, or help out during Spring Clean-up when I get a round tuit". "Of course I’ll write an article for the church newsletter ... I’ll get a round tuit sometime." "I feel bad about not visiting the sick. I must get a round tuit." "I'll volunteer for a Board position when I get a round tuit."


  • Elders - responsible for spiritual care of the Pastor and the church families
  • Education - plans and coordinates the total educational program of the congregation
  • Evangelism - responsible for planning Outreach activities
  • Fellowship - responsible for planning opportunities to strengthen fellowship between members and assist with integration of new members into congregational life
  • Social Ministry - administers the social ministry program
  • Stewardship - directs stewardship training program
  • Trustees - responsible for maintanence and upkeep of the Church property
  • Worship - coordinates all aspects of worship
  • Youth Ministry - involves the young people in the work of Christ and provides for their spiritual growth and nurturing


  • Altar - prepares the altar for worship and sets up for communion
  • Flower - coordinates placement of flowers on altar
  • Library - maintains Redeemer's library

Lutheran Women's Missionary League

LWML invites all women of the church to participate in their caring ministry which includes maintaining a prayer chain, donating kits, quilts, and clothes to Lutheran World Relief; providing financial and emotional support to other church groups and individuals, and supporting missions.

Meetings 2nd Monday of each month from September through June, 7:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall